Calvin and Hobbes and the National Pastime

Now, I feel pretty safe in saying that I am not the only Calvin & Hobbes fan out there.  So, as a treat today, I say why not combine this great comic with a great sport?  Thank you, Bill Watterson!

2 Comments on “Calvin and Hobbes and the National Pastime”

  1. steve says:

    No disrespect to the struggles Jimmy Piersall endured, but I like the idea of him on a field with 23 bases. More choices and less 90 feet linear. “Fear Strikes Out” ain’t a bad movie either. The sudden shifts in Piersall’s bi polar condition seem accurate with the occasional entertaining embellishment. That scene of him climbing up the back stop is probably exaggerated and so is him caving in under the domineering influence of his father, but still….woops, this was supposed to be funny.

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