Sandlot baseball


Library of Congress

Here’s a photo from the Library of Congress collection simply titled, “Sandlot baseball.”  It was published in 1918 by Bain News Service, but beyond this, there isn’t much information available regarding the print.

It is a fascinating one to look at and to contemplate what might be taking place.  These two men appear to be fighting it out at third base — it could be first base, I suppose, but given the direction of the play in progress, I think third base is more likely.  The runner seems to have made an unsuccessful attempt to dive back to the bag, perhaps due to a pick-off throw, or maybe he overran the bag while running the bases.

I’m curious about the exact location of the photo.  They seem to be in the middle of a large field, and there is a town in the background.  But those details can apply to just about anywhere in America at this time.


Bain News Service, Publisher. Sandlot Baseball. [1918] Image. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, (Accessed January 04, 2017.)

One Comment on “Sandlot baseball”

  1. Steve Myers says:

    I like your questions regarding the photo as much as the photo!

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