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Uneven: College Baseball’s Scholarship Issue

NCAA sports as a whole is a fascinating, quirky, and often irrational world, and baseball is no exception. This documentary by Matt Wyatt delves into the financial background of NCAA baseball, and it’s honestly upsetting. Scholarship inequities are not just a baseball problem, for sure, and while this film focuses exclusively on this one sport,…

This day in baseball: Newhouser named MVP

On November 28, 1944, Detroit Tigers pitcher Hal Newhouser was named the American League’s Most Valuable Player, gathering four more votes than teammate Dizzy Trout. Newhouser collected 29 wins on the season, as well as a league-leading 187 strikeouts. His 2.22 ERA was bettered by Trout (2.12 ERA), though Trout “only” collected 27 wins.

Quote of the day

I always thought that there was going to be life after baseball, and so I designed that in my life I would have other interests after baseball that I would be able to step into. And I didn’t realize the grip that baseball had on me and on my family. ~Nolan Ryan

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends! I hope you have a restful holiday full of good food and good people.


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I see great things in baseball. It’s our game—the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us all.

~Walt Whitman

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