Happy Valentine’s Day

Let’s celebrate with everyone’s favorite sport.

Hello, baseball

Workouts begin today for many teams.  Welcome back, baseball!

One week to Spring Training

I can already hear the crack of the bat and the popping of baseballs into mitts.

Infographic: Major League Baseball by the numbers

This infographic is a few years old, created between the 2012 and 2013 seasons from the looks of it.  For example, Fenway Park is now going on 108 years old, and the average MLB salary in 2019 was approximately $4.36 million (according to my Google search).  Still the numbers presented here are interesting to look at.

baseball numbers infographic

Two weeks until pitchers and catchers report

You wouldn’t know it from the fresh blanket of snow on the ground around here this morning, but spring is right around the corner!

See the source image

23 days until pitchers and catchers report

The Packers’ season is officially over, which marks the official end of football season, as far as I’m concerned.  Thank goodness baseball is right on the horizon!

See the source image

34 days until Spring Training

It’s crazy to think we’re just over a month away.

76 days until Opening Day!