It’s Opening Day

Unfortunately, I am not getting out of work today, but I am still joining in the collective sigh of relief and happiness that Opening Day has finally arrived!  And yes, the Royals-White Sox score will be up someplace where I can check in frequently.
2019 Opening Day

5 days

So close you can smell it.  Only five days until Opening Day!

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Ten days

Only 10 days remaining until Opening Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

If you’re so inclined to imbibe the green beer, please try not to overdo it.  Everyone be safe and have a great holiday!

“MLB Begins,” by Robert Heemstra

This piece is a few years old, but I came across it this morning, and I would say the timing is still appropriate.  The weather might still be iffy in spots, but only five days remain until spring officially arrives!


Preseason Baseball
is now underway
oh what fun it is
watching baseball played

the grapefruit league
the cactus league
in Florida

who’ll make team
and who won’t
get in shape

for real


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Opening Day is a month away

More precisely, we have 28 days to go!  Four weeks from today, baseball season will officially get underway.

36 days until Opening Day

Actually, we are exactly one month away from the opening series between the A’s and the Mariners to be played March 20th and 21st in Tokyo.  Traditional Opening Day, however, is scheduled for March 28th.

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