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      1. Hi. Not sure if I mentioned that I’ve written a baseball novel, awaiting a decision on it from a publisher. Wondering if you’d like to read it.

          1. Hi. I would have to send you the manuscript, it hasn’t been published yet. The title is “In Elysian Fields.”
            Here is a synopsis: Luke Allen is in his last season as a future Hall of Fame ballplayer and wants to go out as a champion for the first time before he retires, the major impediment being the storied downstate rival New York Hilltoppers. Throughout a season filled with trials and tribulation Luke is bolstered by a secret admirer who sends him notes via the father-like clubhouse manager Blondie Purcell; Luke is intrigued and wants to meet her, and when they do she is nothing like he imagined, and their lives are changed in ways they never expected forever.
            Keep it in mind, I’ll send it should you ever have time, and definitely will let you know if it is published. Thanks for your interest.

            1. I’ve got a couple books I’m trying to work my way through right now, but I just might take you up on the offer for a copy of the manuscript in a few weeks or so. And yes, definitely let me know if it gets published!

              1. Will do. I could even mail it to you if you don’t want the computer attachment. Some people don’t. Just let me know, and again,
                thanks for your interest.

  1. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/cubs/ct-jim-frey-chicago-cubs-dies-20200414-2rfbd6jaabd23b73rggmrxtohu-story.html

    When I was in Little League, Jimmy Frey was playing for the Rochester Red Wings, and he spoke to our Little League team one Saturday morning the day after playing the Buffalo Bisons, a game our Little League team had attended. I was so impressed, the first time I’d seen a real ball player up close. I believe I even used him as a character in my novel. RIP Jimmy Frey

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