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Baseball is not life. It is a fiction, a metaphor. And a ballplayer is a man who agrees to uphold that metaphor as though lives were at stake.

~David James Duncan

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University of Montana

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[T]he wonderful, irresistible game of baseball, so enduring in its rules and rhythms, so varied in its lore and lexicon, has everything a writer could ask for, most especially the opportunity for vivid characters to involved themselves in a highly dramatic activity.

~Nicholas Dawidoff

Nicholas Dawidoff


Quote of the day

A lot of people think I had such a rosy career, but I wanted to identify that one of the things that helps you have a long career is learning how to deal with adversity, how to get past it. Once I learned how to get through that, other things didn’t seem so hard.

~Cal Ripken, Jr.


“Cal Ripken, Jr in 1996” by Joe Shlabotnik

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Whether you’re trying to excel in athletics or in any other field, always practice. Look, listen, learn – and practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for work, no shortcut to the top.

~Frank Robinson
Rest in peace, Mr. Robinson.

Frank Robinson

Baseball Hall of Fame

Quote of the day

Players like rules.  If they didn’t have any rules, they wouldn’t have anything to break.

~Lee Walls

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Maybe I’m not a great man but I damn well want to break the record.

~Roger Maris

Roger Maris


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I felt what I almost always feel when I am watching a ballgame: Just for those two or three hours, there is really no place I would rather be.

~Roger Angell

roger angell

The New Yorker