This day in baseball: No-hit, not-shutout

The White Sox committed three errors in the fourth inning of a game against the Indians on May 31, 1914 at Comiskey Park.  As a result, the game did not result in a shutout, in spite of the fact that pitcher Joseph Benz threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland team.  The game lasted a mere one hour and 45 minutes.


Joe Benz (

Quote of the day

Where would I be without baseball? Who am I without baseball?

~Bob Uecker


Baseball Digest, March 1962

“Clothespins,” by Stuart Dybek

I like how this piece captures the imagination surrounding baseball in children.  And I love the detail — I can just visualize a boy with a bat, tossing up clothespins to swing at, the occasional clothespin bursting apart in midair.  This piece was originally published in Brass Knuckles in 1979.


I once hit clothespins
for the Chicago Cubs.
I’d go out after supper
when the wash was in
and collect clothespins
from under four stories
of clothesline.
A swing-and-a-miss
was a strike-out;
the garage roof, Willie Mays,
pounding his mitt
under a pop fly.
Bushes, a double,
off the fence, triple,
and over, home run.
The bleachers roared.
I was all they ever needed for the flag.
New records every game—
once, 10 homers in a row!
But sometimes I’d tag them
so hard they’d explode,
legs flying apart in midair,
pieces spinning crazily
in all directions.
Foul Ball! What else
could I call it?
The bat was real.

Infographic: Why the knuckleball is so hard to hit

Here’s an informative infographic explaining the basic physics of the knuckleball.  I find the the information about the illusion of the pitch’s movement to be especially fascinating.


This day in baseball: Mathewson vs. the Redbirds

Led by legendary pitcher Christy Mathewson, the Giants lost to the Cardinals on May 24, 1909.  It was the first time in five years that the New York team suffered a defeat at the hands of the Redbirds, having beat them 24 consecutive times prior to this game.

christy mathewson.jpg

Christy Mathewson (

Quote of the day

I know that baseball players have certain rituals or habits that they develop, because sometimes it becomes somewhat superstitious if they get on a streak and want to do the same thing over and over again.

~Chadwick Boseman

chadwick boseman

“This Is Baseball,” by Matt Taylor

I happened across this fun little cartoon music video last night, and it brought a smile to my face.  According to the YouTube description, the song is based on actual events in the life of the artist, Matt Taylor.