Quote of the day

Bad ballplayers make good managers, not the other way around. All I can do is help them be as good as they are.

~Earl Weaver

Earl Weaver

Earl Weaver (ESPN.com)

This day in baseball: Seaver is Rookie of the Year

Tom Seaver won the National League’s Rookie of the Year on November 20, 1967.  The right-handed Seaver compiled a 16-13 record that season with a 2.76 ERA.


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“Ted F*ing Williams,” by The Baseball Project

Time for another Baseball Project tune.  This song amuses me, if only because I can just imagine Teddy Ballgame walking around declaring, “I’m Ted Fucking Williams.”  This one’s from the Baseball Project’s first album, Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails.

This day in baseball: Yogi joins the Mets

On November 17, 1964, Yogi Berra signed a two-year contract with the New York Mets as a player-coach for $35,000 per season.  He played only four games with the Mets in 1965, collecting two hits.



Quote of the day

That’s the remarkable thing about baseball. The game has a way of having you scratch your head one minute and drive you crazy, and then the next, you’re entertained beyond your wildest hopes. That’s why it’s the best game.

~Johnny Bench

Bench Johnny CR73-555_Bat_NBLMcWilliams

Posed batting of Cincinnati Reds Johnny Bench, 1973

90 days

Temperatures in the Midwest have been quite frigid lately, and the eastern portion of the United States seems to be in pretty bad shape as well.  But keep holding on, because we have only 90 days until pitchers and catchers report!

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This day in baseball: Williams named MVP

Ted Williams won the American League Most Valuable Player award on November 14, 1946.  The award was bestowed upon Williams after having finished second to the Yankees’ Joe DiMaggio (1941) and Joe Gordon (1942).  The Splendid Splinter missed the last three seasons due to serving in the military during World War II, but returned to baseball hitting .342 with 38 homers and 123 RBIs.


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