This day in baseball: Charles Ebbets becomes president of the Dodgers

In the wake of the death of Charles H. Byrne, team secretary Charles Ebbets became president of the Bridegrooms (Dodgers) on January 4, 1898. The team’s future owner also managed the Brooklyn team for the last 110 games of the season, finishing tenth among the twelve teams of the National League.

Charles Ebbets, c. 1915 - Wikipedia
Charles Ebbets, c. 1915 (Wikipedia)

This day in baseball: Connor’s switch-hit debut

Though he had been hitting as a lefty throughout his career, on August 7, 1893, New York Giants first baseman Roger Connor stepped up to the plate right-handed for the first time against a left-handed Brooklyn Bridegrooms pitcher.  The right side of the plate turned out to be lucky for Connor that day, as he belted two homers and a single en route to a 10-3 win.

I did a small bit of poking around regarding Connor’s switch-hitting, and while specific details seem hard to find, I notice that some sites have him listed as a left-handed hitter while others list him as a switch-hitter.  A case can be made either way, it seems.

Roger Connor SABR.jpg
Roger Connor (

This day in baseball: A Subway Series, before the subways

The deciding game of the 1889 World’s Championship Series was played on October 29th, featuring the New York Giants of the National League and the Brooklyn Bridegrooms of the American Association.  The Giants won the best-of-eleven series, 6 games to 3.  As the annual competition between the champions of the National League and the American Association, this series proved to be the precursor to the modern World Series.

Brooklyn’s Washington Park, 1880s (Wikimedia Commons)