Take care of your equipment

And beware of evil, chomping baseballs!

calvin hobbes

Bill Watterson

Calvin & Hobbes: Baseball rules are confusing

Poor Calvin.  It’s hard to enjoy being a part of something when you have no understanding of what’s going on.

calvin hobbes baseball

Bill Watterson

Calvin retires himself

Why go through all the trouble of putting teams together when you can just play by yourself?

baseball calvin-y-hobbes

Bill Watterson

A thinking man’s game

Just imagine how long nine innings of baseball would last if they started making up rules the way Calvin and Hobbes make up rules.

Calvin Hobbes baseball

Bill Watterson


A little Calvin and Hobbes to liven up your Saturday morning.


Can you make a living playing silly games?

Leave it to Calvin to skip the sugarcoating.

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More Calvin & Hobbes baseball

I’m a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes (who isn’t?), and their baseball-themed strips are no exception.  In much the same way they do with Calvinball, they make up the rules as they go when playing baseball, which can sometimes lead to a little confusion.