This poor guy.  It almost hurts to read this.

Incompetent Floyd comics

Allan Tracy,

Him or me

Poor Charlie Brown.  I think we can all sympathize.

peanuts charlie brown baseball

Charles Schulz

Third base

When you’re down a player but you can’t afford to take the forfeit…

third base comic

Tennis ball

Growing up, we frequently played using a tennis ball in the backyard.  It made things so much more interesting.

Calvin Hobbes tennis ball

Bill Watterson

Bubble gum

A little pro tip for outfielders.

peanuts baseball gum

Charles Schulz

Adjusting the strike zone

If he’d thought of it, I’m sure Eddie Gaedel would’ve tried this, too.

Calvin Hobbes

Bill Watterson

Stalling for time

When the play is too close to call and you want a moment to think about it….

baseball comic humor

Steve Moore