Warming up

Here is an old Peanuts strip from Charles Schulz’s earliest years creating the comic.  This particular strip comes from 1951, when Peanuts was less than a year old.  Charlie Brown came a long way over the years.

peanuts 1951

Not your usual baseball tobacco habit

I’d be curious to see what a contract like this looks like.

pipe comic


Charlie Brown’s post-home run glow

After hitting his first home run ever (and winning the game with it, to boot), one certainly can’t blame Charlie Brown for wanting to revel in the feeling of baseball glory.

charlie brown

No signals

Here’s a cartoon by Willard Mullin that makes me want to chuckle and face palm simultaneously.  I’m not sure who you are, Brooklyn runner, but you and your team are doing it wrong.


Pitching signs

Everybody’s watching.  It’s a good thing baseball employs super secret signal systems to ensure that important messages get out to everyone on the field.


Baseball Signals 2

John McPherson


Charlie Brown hits a home run

On March 30, 1993, this strip came out in which Charlie Brown hit a game-winning home run off pitcher Royetta Hobbs.  Knowing how the game typically goes for poor Charlie Brown, and seeing how ecstatically he celebrates here, kind of makes me wish I’d been at the ballpark to congratulate him.

charlie brown homer

Pitching help