Fungo fail

Anyone else ever find themselves in Calvin’s shoes as a kid?


Bill Watterson

Keep the trademark up

Poor Charlie Brown.  You can’t say Lucy didn’t follow instructions.  This is definitely a good lesson in elaboration and clarity.

Peanuts trademark

Charles Schulz

Need a new bat

Aha!  So that was my problem.  Man, as pricey as bats are, you’d think they’d engineer them better.

Family Circus

Family Circus

Another great season

May all our favorite shortstops perform better than Linus in the upcoming season.

Peanuts baseball infielders

Take care of your equipment

And beware of evil, chomping baseballs!

calvin hobbes

Bill Watterson

‘Til your arm falls off

Yeah, I’d say when you get to the point that the arm goes flying towards the plate along with the baseball, it is time to bring in the relievers.  I am curious how many innings this pitcher made it through, though.

arm falls off

Joke Jive

How to speed up the game of baseball

If you think the number of strikeouts in baseball is high now…

speed up baseball comic

In the Bleachers