One with the bat

I never really could understand the idea of becoming “one with the bat.”  Wouldn’t that hurt?

duplex comic

Talking bat

Speak softly and carry a big stick.  ~Theodore Roosevelt

Talking bat


A thinking man’s game

Just imagine how long nine innings of baseball would last if they started making up rules the way Calvin and Hobbes make up rules.

Calvin Hobbes baseball

Bill Watterson


For whatever it’s worth, I’m sure the feeling was mutual on the girls’ side.


Baby Blues (Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott)

Umpire at home

Might as well get in character, right?

Baseball umpire at home

Dave Coverly

Types of coaches

There’s a coach for everything, these days.


Warming up

Here is an old Peanuts strip from Charles Schulz’s earliest years creating the comic.  This particular strip comes from 1951, when Peanuts was less than a year old.  Charlie Brown came a long way over the years.

peanuts 1951