Blame it on the bat

“If I could just find the right bat, I might find the willpower to actually swing it!”



As we all recover from last night’s World Series insanity, here’s a little comic relief from Pete and Clete.  You know that one had to hurt.

pete clete

Double bass hit

A little music baseball humor for our Friday.  I’m not sure whether swinging that giant instrument would make it easier or harder to make contact with a 100 mph pitch.


Breaking Ball

I broke a few windows on the house as a kid.  I wish I had been clever enough to use this line.


Breaking ball


Change up

This is just a tad disturbing, but pretty funny all the same.


First pitch of the season

We’ve all had a similar experience at some point.  Or is that just me?

peanuts baseball 4

Better than 20/20?

I believe steroids for the eyes do exist, but I’m pretty doubtful this is what they actually do.  It’s an interesting thought, though.


John McPherson