Burrowing to safety

It had never occurred to me prior to seeing this comic, but if this is legal, moles and gophers would make ridiculously good baserunners.

a-baseball-player-sliding-into-a-base-pat-byrnes - the new yorker

The New Yorker, 2015

Lunchtime in the dugout

All these items are great for the occasional trip to the ballpark, but day after day? I’d get a little salty about having to eat so much salty.

In the Bleachers comic

Killer baseball

Many a child can identify with Calvin in this one.

Calvin Hobbes baseball

Bill Watterson


An interesting philosophical question on a play at the plate.


Spring training in New England

This one is obviously a bit outdated, but it did still make me chuckle a bit.

Dave Granlund - Red Sox comic


Baseball organization

While I do think Calvin makes a good point, I rather think playing baseball would be a hell of a lot more enjoyable than enlisting in the Army.

Bill Watterson


The complete and utter ridiculousness of this suggestion literally made me laugh out loud.

Bill Amend


Well, that’s clever.

Mike Lester

Catcher signals

Personally, having to do math on the mound would confuse and distract me, but it seems to work for Jason.

If you would like to see a larger version of the strip, just click on the image below.

bill-amend-pitch-count-baseball-FoxTrot comic

Three is a snowball

Growing up, my brothers and I used to do that thing that I think all kids do: hitting a snowball with a baseball bat just to see it explode. I don’t recall that we ever tried pitching a snowball, though. There would definitely have to be rules against iceballs and packing those damned rocks inside, for certain.

charlie brown baseball snow