A little Calvin and Hobbes to liven up your Saturday morning.


Baseball fans and technology

This seems about right.  Technology sure has changed things.  Still, it is nice to have so many ways to keep in touch with the game.


Multiple personalities

Let’s just hope number two doesn’t show up at a crucial moment in the game.


Airplane Dad: Part 1 (A Cyanide & Happiness short)

Now and then, I find my entertainment through the web comic Cyanide & Happiness.  As a general rule, the comic can be a bit crude, crass, and definitely not for children, so if that’s not your cup of tea, I wouldn’t recommend exploring the comic any further beyond this post.

The last short the comic put out, however, is actually quite warm and sweet, so I have no issues sharing it here.  Absent dads can be hard on kids, but this Little Leaguer’s father finds a creative way to still play a role in his son’s baseball career.


Admittedly, dad has a point, though you can’t fault the kid for wanting a backup plan.  Also, when I see this kind of thing, I can’t help but think of Todd Marinovich.




The Best of Bizarro (v. 1)


Think fast

The catcher makes a good point.  However, what if the pitcher is actually talking to the batter?

think fast

Bat flip and home run trot

Here’s a cartoon I haven’t seen for several years: Family Circus.  This strip was one of my favorites to catch up on whenever I could get my hands on a newspaper as a kid.  This particular cartoon published in June of 2014, and I certainly am glad to see the strip is still up and running today.