Rosin bag

Rosin bags and gym chalk are so messy. I’m amazed we don’t see more sneezing fits on the pitcher’s mound.

Rosin bag comic - Mike Lester

Mike Lester

Snack bar

You know those “fans” at the stadium who are clearly only there for the concessions? That’s this girl.

Baby Blues - Snack Bar

Baby Blues

It’s going to clear up…

It’s a stormy morning where I am at, so this just seemed all too appropriate.

Peanuts rain out baseball

Throw me a curve

Though I bet if the pitcher yelled this as he was cutting the pitch loose, it would be pretty damned effective.

Speed Bump Dave Coverly

Dave Coverly

Right field is vital

Poor right field. The outcasts of Little League and adult slow pitch softball.

Mike du Jour - Mike Lester - comic

Mike Lester

Field of Nightmares

Oh man, I’ve had dreams like this, except mine are about being back in high school, rather than playing ball. I run late for every class, I forget to study for tests (or miss the test altogether), and I get lost in the hallways.

Foxtrot Bill Amend

Bill Amend

Burrowing to safety

It had never occurred to me prior to seeing this comic, but if this is legal, moles and gophers would make ridiculously good baserunners.

a-baseball-player-sliding-into-a-base-pat-byrnes - the new yorker

The New Yorker, 2015

Lunchtime in the dugout

All these items are great for the occasional trip to the ballpark, but day after day? I’d get a little salty about having to eat so much salty.

In the Bleachers comic

Killer baseball

Many a child can identify with Calvin in this one.

Calvin Hobbes baseball

Bill Watterson


An interesting philosophical question on a play at the plate.