Double bass hit

A little music baseball humor for our Friday.  I’m not sure whether swinging that giant instrument would make it easier or harder to make contact with a 100 mph pitch.


Breaking Ball

I broke a few windows on the house as a kid.  I wish I had been clever enough to use this line.


Breaking ball


Change up

This is just a tad disturbing, but pretty funny all the same.


First pitch of the season

We’ve all had a similar experience at some point.  Or is that just me?

peanuts baseball 4

Better than 20/20?

I believe steroids for the eyes do exist, but I’m pretty doubtful this is what they actually do.  It’s an interesting thought, though.


John McPherson

Bottom of the fifth

This one is reminiscent of the joke I posted the other day.  I wonder how many outs there were in the inning?

It was the bottom of the fifth and the bases were loaded.


It’s an indispensable part of the game, after all.