Infographic: The Cost of A Season Without Spectators

The infographic below was created by Statista back in March, estimating the potential losses MLB teams would be facing if they were to play an 82-game season in front of no live fans.  For an 82-game season, each team in the league would be facing an average loss of $640,000 per game.  The infographic shows estimated total losses for the top eight teams as a result of the shortened season and spectator-less games.  The total loss for the MLB was estimated to come in around $4 billion.

infographic covid ghost games.jpg

Fast forward to the current arrangement, with a 60-game season, and these dollar amounts are no doubt looking even more ominous than the ones in the graphic.  As much as we all hate that money is such a big part of professional sports, it’s no wonder there was so much of a push to get a season, any season, underway to recoup some of these losses.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, with the coronavirus continuing to spread around the country at such a rapid rate, it’ll be interesting to see if the league even makes it all the way through the planned 60-game schedule.

Infographic: MLB 2015 Injuries

Here is a fascinating infographic, presented to us by Forbes.  It depicts the cost of placing players on the disabled list — or, at least, the total cost of injuries in Major League Baseball during the 2015 season.  To the surprise of no one, I’m sure, elbow injuries in pitchers comprise the largest chunk of the overall total.  And, as we all know, player salaries only continue to rise, which makes placing them on the disabled list all the more costly.