Baseball in the Time of Cholera

I have been listening to a biography of Elon Musk on audiobook, and it certainly caught my attention when the audiobook mentioned that Musk had sponsored a documentary called Baseball in the Time of Cholera.  I don’t know whether Musk actually has any interest in baseball, but apparently he had visited the area of the cholera outbreak in Haiti, bringing with him gifts for an orphanage.  The documentary was made shortly after.

I managed to find the documentary on YouTube.  It’s only about half-an-hour long and certainly worth the watch.  The cholera outbreak in Haiti began in 2010, and from what I’ve been able to tell online, continued until May 2017.  I do have to caution, this documentary is a bit grim (the baseball helps to lighten things up slightly).  Nonetheless, things like this are important to be aware of in our world.

Baseball’s Handout to Haiti, by Tom Keough

This comic puts the financial situation of Major League Baseball and of America as a whole in perspective.  As much as I enjoy the game, it has always been ridiculous to me that a man can earn a million dollars to catch and throw a ball and that existing stadiums never seem good enough.  We, as fans, are just as much to blame for this.  It’s not uncommon to hear folks comparing how good this stadium is versus that stadium, and the desire of fans to see winning teams drives up player salaries.  When you consider the situations of other countries on the American continents, it’s kind of embarrassing to realize our priorities.