Baseball in space, 2019

When the Houston Astros made it to the World Series in 2019, NASA astronauts on the International Space Station celebrated the game with their own game of baseball. Unsurprisingly, playing baseball in outer space looks a little different than it does here on Earth.

The astronauts were rooting, of course, for the Astros in that year’s Series. Unfortunately for the crew of the ISS, the Washington Nationals came out victorious in 2019.

Photographing baseball cities from space

Terry Virts, an astronaut with NASA and a big baseball fan, has been orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station since November 2014.  As a way to keep things interesting, Virts has taken it upon himself to photograph from space the 28 North American cities that host Major League Baseball teams (remember that Chicago and New York host two teams each).  Virts then posts the photos to Twitter (@AstroTerry) and Instagram (astro_terry).  For more information on Virts’s out-of-this-world baseball mission, you can read the whole story here.