This day in baseball: Ueberroth elected

On March 3, 1984, Peter Ueberroth was elected the MLB’s sixth commissioner, replacing Bowie Kuhn.  Ueberroth was also the president of the 1984 Olympic Committee, when the Olympics were held in Los Angeles.  As a condition of his hiring, Ueberroth increased the commissioner’s fining ability from $5,000 to $250,000, and his salary was raised to $450,000, nearly double what Kuhn was paid.

Peter Ueberroth

Peter Ueberroth (ABC News)

This day in baseball: Pete Rose investigated

On March 20, 1989, Peter Ueberroth, the commissioner of baseball, and commissioner-elect A. Bartlett Giamatti released a statement that Major League Baseball was investigating the allegations surrounding Reds’ manager Pete Rose and gambling.  According to the statement, the commissioner’s office “has for several months been conducting a full inquiry into serious allegations involving Mr. Pete Rose.”  While the commissioner’s office declined further comment, rumors of a possible suspension surrounded the investigation.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post