1904 Yale vs. Princeton


Here’s a cool, old school panoramic of a Yale-Princeton game, dated July 2, 1904, found in the Library of Congress collection.  The photo was contributed by R.H. Rose & Son, and the game took place in Princeton, New Jersey.  I tried to find a box score or other details about the game, but didn’t have any success in doing so.  However, if you go to the photo link here, you can zoom in and pan around the photo.  In doing so, you can get some cool views, like this one:


This day in baseball: The pitching machine

The first automated pitching machine was invented by Charles E. Hinton, a mathematics professor at Princeton University.  On December 15, 1896, Hinton’s invention was made public through a demonstration at the university’s gymnasium.  The machine represented a rifle, shooting pitches towards the batter.

Arch near the Princeton campus, erected 1896 (Princeton University)

Arch near the Princeton campus, erected 1896 (Princeton University)