Happy Star Wars Day!

Here’s an ad from 2013 for the Japan Pacific League that calls upon the Force that is the Star Wars universe.  Do you think it counts as cheating if Vader uses the Force when he’s at the plate?

May the Force be with us all, both on and off the field!

May the 4th be with you…

Happy Star Wars Day!  Geeks and nerds across the nation and in MLB stadiums everywhere will be dressing up like their favorite characters today.  Some teams even will have some cool Star Wars-themed giveaways, such as this Alex Gordon Jedi bobblehead the Royals gave out a couple years ago.


There will be no giveaway at the K tonight, though no doubt numerous fans will show up in their favorite Han Solo, Chewbacca, or other Star Wars character getups.  Many teams don’t keep their Star Wars-related giveaways exclusive to May 4th, but rather, you can find little giveaways here and there throughout the year.  I won’t be dressing up as Princess Leia or anything today, but hoping the Royals win tonight, I am.

yoda dodgers hat

Throw first pitch, Vader did

When Kinect Star Wars for Xbox 360 was released this past April, Dodgers fans had the opportunity to see Darth Vader himself throw the first pitch as part of a promotional gag in Los Angeles.  It seems that the Force is not as strong with Vader as it once was, but I suppose one should expect that falling to the Dark Side would inevitably stunt one’s ability to play baseball.