Lunchtime in the dugout

All these items are great for the occasional trip to the ballpark, but day after day? I’d get a little salty about having to eat so much salty.

In the Bleachers comic


One of the benefits of not being able to attend ballgames in person definitely comes in the form of money saved on concessions.


Steve Moore

Road kill

I’m not sure I 100% agree with these vultures.  Putrid is putrid, no matter the venue.  I will say, though, that while I enjoy hot dogs at home, they do somehow manage to taste even better at the ballpark.

Road Kill comic

Steve Moore


This comic feels a lot like this entire baseball season, doesn’t it?

Baseball Detour comic

Waaaay back!

You know how some baseball fields don’t actually have an outfield fence, but rather the outfield has a part that goes into a sudden downhill if you run out far enough?  Let’s hope none of them have a drop quite this extreme.

Steve Moore outfielder comic

Steve Moore


This one makes me wish I was at the ballpark with a hot dog and beer in hand.

baseball comic hot dog

Steve Moore

Stalling for time

When the play is too close to call and you want a moment to think about it….

baseball comic humor

Steve Moore

Talking bat

Speak softly and carry a big stick.  ~Theodore Roosevelt

Talking bat


Types of coaches

There’s a coach for everything, these days.


Shock collar

I’m sure umpires everywhere would love to implement something like this.

shock collar