This comic feels a lot like this entire baseball season, doesn’t it?

Baseball Detour comic

Waaaay back!

You know how some baseball fields don’t actually have an outfield fence, but rather the outfield has a part that goes into a sudden downhill if you run out far enough?  Let’s hope none of them have a drop quite this extreme.

Steve Moore outfielder comic

Steve Moore


This one makes me wish I was at the ballpark with a hot dog and beer in hand.

baseball comic hot dog

Steve Moore

Stalling for time

When the play is too close to call and you want a moment to think about it….

baseball comic humor

Steve Moore

Talking bat

Speak softly and carry a big stick.  ~Theodore Roosevelt

Talking bat


Types of coaches

There’s a coach for everything, these days.


Shock collar

I’m sure umpires everywhere would love to implement something like this.

shock collar