This day in baseball: Umpire vision requirements are instituted

During a session held on December 15, 1910 at the Hotel Breslin in New York, National League president Tom Lynch announced to owners that umpires would be required to take what he called a “severe” eye test before the start of the season. As a result of the decree, any arbitrator found to have defective eyesight would not be permitted to work.

To this day, MLB umpires are required to demonstrate 20/20 vision, either with or without corrective lenses.

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This day in baseball: First umpire to 1,000

On September 7, 1896, Connecticut native Thomas Lynch became the first Major League umpire to work in over 1,000 games.  Over the course of his thirteen-year career, spanning from 1888 to 1902, he worked in 1,325 games, 1,309 of which were behind the plate.  In 1910, in an agreement between club owners, Lynch became president of the National League.

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