Charlie Brown hits a home run

On March 30, 1993, this strip came out in which Charlie Brown hit a game-winning home run off pitcher Royetta Hobbs.  Knowing how the game typically goes for poor Charlie Brown, and seeing how ecstatically he celebrates here, kind of makes me wish I’d been at the ballpark to congratulate him.

charlie brown homer

The wood-burning set

Poor Charlie Brown.  He’ll just have to find a tree that’s been struck by lightning so he can craft himself a new bat.


First pitch of the season

We’ve all had a similar experience at some point.  Or is that just me?

peanuts baseball 4

Willie Mays’s glove

Happy Friday!  Here’s a wonderful Peanuts strip that might give you a chuckle this morning.  Based on this, it seems I was using Ken Griffey, Jr.’s glove as a kid.  Too bad I don’t still have it; I could’ve sent it back to him.


Talk about dedication

This gave me a chuckle.  True, baseball requires dedication if you wish to be any good at it.  Poor Lucy doesn’t realize, however, that it also requires some degree of natural instinct.


Charles Schulz


They say you should always be sure you have control of the ball before you attempt anything else.  I think this qualifies as one of those situations.


The purpose of Spring Training

A good Saturday morning chuckle.  Thanks, Bill!

peanuts spring training