8 thoughts on “Hope good

  1. No it’s not just you, especially these days. But then I think of this quote from Samuel Beckett, which Charley Brown would have been wise to follow and all of his problems would have been solved: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”
    Of course, then he wouldn’t have been Charley Brown.

      1. I played a lot of April ball wearing a winter jacket on the bench, believe you me. Upstate New York is no picnic for Spring baseball, and if you go far enough Upstate they say the hell with it and just play Spring hockey. Outdoors.

        1. Upstate New York, yeah, I can believe that. A couple years ago, I spent a week in late March visiting a friend in the southern part of the state. We were running and hiking in the snow. I can only imagine what it’s like farther north.

  2. This is dangerous propaganda for those who insist on the necessity of domes, but then again, even inside, a ceiling panel might fall on Charlie Brown’s head. Yes, there are days like that for me too. Is it almost February 15th? Will pitchers and catchers report soon?

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