Infographic: 1998 Home Run Chase

Here’s an infographic by Craig Robinson plotting out the day-by-day progress of the three main contenders in the 1998 home run chase.  I had completely forgotten that Ken Griffey, Jr. was a part of this race in the beginning.  He ended the season in pretty great shape, even if he didn’t pass Maris’s mark.

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Infographic: Sudden Death

Here’s an interesting twist on the game: what if every game was played as if it were in extra innings right from the start?  That is, what if the winner was determined according to who scored first (with equal opportunities on offense, of course).  Craig Robinson explored this question, and what follows is a look at how the 2013 season would have shaped up had it been played by these rules.

Infographic: MLB Offensive Performance by Position, 1992-2011

Here’s a comparative look at the offensive performance of Major League ballplayers, divided by position.  Created a few years ago by Craig Robinson, I think this infographic is fascinating in that it serves to prove that a lot of our stereotypes about how well certain position players hit seem to be true.  Or, perhaps, these are merely self-fulfilling prophecies — i.e. if you can’t hit, you might as well give up your dreams of becoming a first baseman.