Infographic: 1998 Home Run Chase

Here’s an infographic by Craig Robinson plotting out the day-by-day progress of the three main contenders in the 1998 home run chase.  I had completely forgotten that Ken Griffey, Jr. was a part of this race in the beginning.  He ended the season in pretty great shape, even if he didn’t pass Maris’s mark.

Click on the image for a larger view.


2 thoughts on “Infographic: 1998 Home Run Chase

  1. He’s such an interesting bird as opposed to an armadillo of forearm bash and power. I love both types of home run hitters, but have a huge soft spot for Griffey, because he recovered from his attempted suicide as an 18 year old and because what a freaking player on every level, chasing down balls up and down walls and that swing…..butter, absolutely perfect.

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