Schroeder can play

Perhaps Schroeder should consider playing a different position. Catching can be murder on the fingers.

Schroeder baseball

Bawled out by Snoopy

Poor Charlie Brown. His baseball woes go back a loooooooong way.


We’re not going to lose

Considering nobody knows when the first game of this MLB season is going to be played, it kind of feels like everyone has already lost in 2022.

peanuts baseball 3

Charles Schulz

No bean balls

That’s one way to draw an intentional walk.


Charles Schulz

It’s just a little rain

We’ve got thunderstorms where I am at this morning, so this seemed fitting.

peanuts baseball comic

Charles Schulz

It’s going to clear up…

It’s a stormy morning where I am at, so this just seemed all too appropriate.

Peanuts rain out baseball

Three is a snowball

Growing up, my brothers and I used to do that thing that I think all kids do: hitting a snowball with a baseball bat just to see it explode. I don’t recall that we ever tried pitching a snowball, though. There would definitely have to be rules against iceballs and packing those damned rocks inside, for certain.

charlie brown baseball snow

Hope good

Anyone else ever feel this way? It’s not just me, right?

Charles Schulz

A hundred and twenty-three to nothing

I can understand this feeling completely.

Peanuts Apr. 15, 1961.gif

Roman Colosseum

It’s been a minute since I posted a good Peanuts strip.  The pressure Charlie Brown feels on the mound in this one is classic.