Continuing my journey through The Simpsons episodes, I am a good chunk of the way into season three.  Last night, I watched the episode “Homer At the Bat” and was thrilled to recognize a reference to The Natural.  Early on in the episode, Homer tells Bart about the time he carved a bat from the wood of a tree that was struck by lightning.

Just like Roy Hobbs, Homer hits like a dream with his special bat.  However, with the exception of Mr. Burns trying to cheat his way to winning a bet, the allusion to The Natural largely ends there.

The episode later ends with Terry Cashman’s “Talkin’ Baseball” parody, which he wrote just for this episode, “Talkin’ Softball.”


The Simpsons, Season Three

“Talkin’ Baseball” (Oakland A’s version), by Terry Cashman

It’s ironic: when it comes to football, I root for the Packers and I completely dig the green and gold uniforms.  When it comes to the Athletics, however, that same color combination seems ridiculously unappealing to me.  Perhaps it takes a fan to really appreciate the color scheme.  My personal preferences aside, I have managed to find Cashman’s “Talkin’ Baseball” tribute to the A’s, and it does not disappoint!  Enjoy, A’s fans…

“Talkin’ Baseball” (Boston Red Sox version), by Terry Cashman

The combination of babies and baseball is a curious one, but this was the best I could find for the BoSox version of “Talkin’ Baseball.”  For the first minute, the song competes with the sounds of life with babies, but then the volume goes up and it’s all music from there.  Enjoy the song, and if you like babies, enjoy the images too…

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“Talkin’ Baseball” (Kansas City Royals version), by Terry Cashman

Just in time to get me worked up for a trip to Kansas City tonight to watch the Royals in Game 2 against the Dodgers, I have finally tracked down the KC version of “Talkin’ Baseball.”  Here’s to a good Royals season, another World Series in the near future, and, more immediately, here’s to hoping that Clayton Kershaw balances last week’s no-hitter with a bad performance tonight!

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“Talkin’ Baseball” (Anaheim Angels version), by Terry Cashman

The sound quality and image selection on this won’t impress you, but I am still happy to present the Anaheim Angels version of Cashman’s “Talkin’ Baseball.”

It’s funny how, in one’s mind, a player can get associated with a particular team so solidly.  For example, I have always associated Nolan Ryan with the Texas Rangers (probably because that’s where he was playing by the time I was old enough to register the name and what it meant).  So hearing his name pop up in this song made my head turn, until I reminded myself that he, like most MLB players, did not play for a single team throughout his career.

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