“Talkin’ Baseball” (Atlanta Braves version), by Terry Cashman

I have this video queued up to start at Cashman’s tribute to the Braves, but it’s not the only song in the video.  If you wish to see and hear more of the video’s content, feel free to start at the beginning of it.  Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on ““Talkin’ Baseball” (Atlanta Braves version), by Terry Cashman

  1. That ticket stub from 1966 feels like a forgetful dagger to Niekro also pitching in Milwaukee 1964 and 1965, but anyway the song says Braves way back when and sings all those names. Maybe i’m a cheese ball but i like the static and different drama melody of the Niekro tribute. Nice intro to the regular talking baseball song. Phil Niekro and the Braves history is well…huge; back to Boston then Milwaukee and down south. And how about those hound dogs at the end!

    1. The static does make it fun 🙂 It brings a real “historical sense” to the sound. I love teams with rich histories like the Braves. I like reading about the Yankees for the same reason. A lot of times, these teams are either loved or hated because of their legacy, but even if I don’t actively root for them, I can’t seem to hate a team that has a fascinating history.

  2. This is a very beautifully written song but not only the Braves but baseball in the south many years ago when I was a ball boy with the Savannah Cardinals at the time we were an affiliate in the South Atlantic League we had a special guest name Warren Spahn arguably one of the greatest left-handed pitchers to ever play the game come visit us well if visiting team threw a no-hitter against this that day needless to say Warren was a Class Act in went down to congratulate the picture it’s true that no-hitter against us

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