“Where I’m From,” by Michael Kumar

Here’s a piece written by a high school ballplayer, Michael Kumar.  I can’t help but love this piece, if only because I played center field for my high school softball team.  It’s a fun position — you’ve gotta have speed, a strong, accurate throwing arm, and the ability to lead.


I am from center field,
From where the rich green grass and the warm brown dirt meet.
I am from the place where champions are made, and
legends are born.
I am from the drive to succeed and the fear of failure.

I am from where players made footsteps too deep to fill,
From the same turf legends and DiMaggio and Mantle, and where The Say Hey Kid
made his famous catch.
I am from the roar of the fans and the chatter of my teammates.

I’m from the place where I feel comfortable, and I am determined to stay here.
I’m from the place where left meets right and I am ready.
I am home.

2 Comments on ““Where I’m From,” by Michael Kumar”

  1. steve says:

    good instinct on the first dance step as well

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