“Patient Hitter,” by David Horowitz

Here’s a poem by David Horowitz, which was published in Resin from the Rain in April 2002.  I like how the speaker of the piece attempts to differentiate between himself and the pitcher — he speaks in a manner that indicates, or tries to create, a calmer state of mind than that of his opponent.


Yes, I can smack your knucklers and spitters,
Dodge your beanballs, and stroke
Your curves to right for hits. Good hitters
Learn patience, adjust. We watch you choke
And grimace, sweat. We simply hit
And win, as you knuckle, bean, and spit.

3 thoughts on ““Patient Hitter,” by David Horowitz

  1. i like how the knucklers, spitters and beanballs in the first 2 lines turn to “as you knuckle, bean and spit in the last line.

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