11 thoughts on “Countdown to the Literature of Baseball

  1. the way you took that photo, it’s tempting to know the books behind the books, the ones on the shelf whose titles can’t be seen, maybe a not so well known one or two? The Universal Baseball Association Inc?

    1. Yeah, in that photo, the books for the class are sitting in front of some of my other baseball books. What you see are Willie Mays Aikens’s autobiography, ‘Tales from the Dugout’, ‘The Heart of the Game’, ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’, ‘Becoming Big League’, ‘Early Innings’, Cal Ripken’s ‘The Only Way I Know’, ‘Baseball and Philosophy’ (one of those pop culture and philosophy books), and ‘Touching Base.’

      1. Thanks for the list. I like books like the Willie Mays Aikens autobiography. I just picked up the one about Don Baylor. Found it for a dollar on the Salvation Army book pile.

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