Zombie Baseball

I passed (read: wasted) some time last night playing this online game I came across, Zombie Baseball.  Truth be told, there is nothing extraordinary about this game.  It’s not fast-paced, nor is there an interesting plot to it.

Zombie Baseball 1

The rules are simple.  A princess pitcher drops a ball from a tower in front of you.  Your objective is to allow it to bounce, and then to hit it as it passes through the strike zone.  If you time your swing accurately, your hit will send the baseball into the on-coming zombies.


Zombie Baseball 3


If you successfully take out all the oncoming zombies, you level up!  With leveling up, you sometimes get to add a new bat to your arsenal.  You also get to add upgrades to your player’s abilities.

Zombie Baseball 2

Zombie Baseball 4

Zombie Baseball 5

Don’t let the zombies get you, though!  As you might expect, if the zombies reach you, your fate does not look too great.

Zombie Baseball 6

I never managed to decapitate a zombie with a baseball, as demonstrated in the tutorial (though I did manage to take out two zombies with one ball, once).  Honestly, I wonder if it’s truly possible, given that I managed to hit multiple zombies in the head/neck area without that kind of success.

So for anyone looking for a way to pass (waste) some time, this isn’t a bad way to do it.  It combines two of our culture’s most fascinating things: baseball and zombies.  It’s strangely addicting, given how simple a game it is.  Enjoy, if you dare!

Play Zombie Baseball here: http://www.onemorelevel.com/game/zombie_baseball

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