“Star Fielder,” by Janet Kamnikar

This poem from Spitball Magazine is called “Star Fielder,” and I love the double meaning that this poem brings to that phrase.  In baseball, a star fielder is considered that defensive player who makes the spectacular plays.  In Kamnikar’s piece, it refers to the moon fielding the stars.


A slender crescent moon
lay on its back last night
low in the evening-blue sky,
while tacked high above it,
a single star shone forth,
the sky’s own diamond solitaire.
If that star should fall, I thought,
the moon, like a flashy center fielder,
would make a basket catch
and capture every drop of light.

One Comment on ““Star Fielder,” by Janet Kamnikar”

  1. verdun2 says:

    very nice. Never hear of this before.

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