21 strikeouts

Congratulations to New Jersey high school softball pitcher Mia Faieta for striking out all 21 batters she faced on Friday in a state playoff game.  Faieta’s performance led Cedar Grove to a 4-0 victory over North Warren.  How about this for an impressive scorecard?

Faieta scorecard
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Not only did Faieta toss the ultimate perfect game, but doing it while in the state playoffs makes it that much more impressive, because you’re not just facing any ol’ team from across town at that point.


Mia Faieta


Perhaps the most interesting factoid about this feat is that Faieta’s performance did not set a state record for New Jersey.  That record still belongs to Nicole Webb of Manchester Township, who struck out 22 due to a wild pitch on a strikeout in a regular-season game in 2003.

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    1. I imagine it would. I don’t blame her, though. Softball pitchers are EXTREMELY close to the hitter, relatively speaking, and that ball can come back on a line dangerously quickly.

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