Quote of the day

Spring training means flowers, people coming outdoors, sunshine, optimism and baseball.  Spring training is a time to think about being young again.

~Ernie Banks

ernie banks

Chicago Mayor’s Office



Hello, baseball

Workouts begin today for many teams.  Welcome back, baseball!

This day in baseball: Connie Mack passes

The legendary Connie Mack died on February 8, 1956 at the age of 93.  Mack had fallen and suffered a hip fracture a few months previously in October 1955, undergoing surgery on October 5 and missing the World Series that week for the first time ever.  He remained wheelchair-bound from that point on.  Officially, it was announced that Connie Mack died of “old age and complications from his hip surgery.”

connie mack

National Baseball Hall of Fame Library/Major League Baseball/Getty Images


Quote of the day

People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.

~Sandy Koufax


One week to Spring Training

I can already hear the crack of the bat and the popping of baseballs into mitts.

HBO Sports: Babe Ruth

Here’s a fun documentary on the Great Bambino himself.  It’s interesting to think about how Ruth had such a great relationship with reporters that they were willing to keep mum about his indiscretions — something you would never see happen today.  I also really love how the Babe was so good with kids.

Infographic: Major League Baseball by the numbers

This infographic is a few years old, created between the 2012 and 2013 seasons from the looks of it.  For example, Fenway Park is now going on 108 years old, and the average MLB salary in 2019 was approximately $4.36 million (according to my Google search).  Still the numbers presented here are interesting to look at.

baseball numbers infographic