Garth Brooks on Playing Professional Baseball

I had completely forgotten about Garth Brooks’s brief stint in the minor leagues until this morning when I found this interview.  I now recall seeing headlines about Brooks’s experiences, as well as a photo in the newspaper of him fielding a ground ball.  In this interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he talks a little bit about what that experience was like.

One thought on “Garth Brooks on Playing Professional Baseball

  1. I never knew about this Brooks as a baseball player. Interesting comparison he makes about musicians and ballplayers; the all out praise for musicians and smidgen or truckload of boos for ballplayers.

    I wonder if it’s easier to hide behind an instrument and voice and pretend for an audience or do like the Black Sox supposedly did in 1919 or Pete Rose or any other time. That always amazed me; that fixing of a game because it’s not like batters swing and miss on every pitch or pitchers groove batting practice fastballs They mix in some spectacular and keep everyone in the dark I guess; worthy of a grammy.

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