The world’s largest ballplayer, 1908

I came across this photo last night, depicting the world’s largest baseball player in 1908.  This young man weighed 450 pounds and played for the Citizens Baseball Team in Emporium, Pennsylvania.  I wish I could find more details about this guy, such as his name and maybe even a few statistics, but haven’t had much luck with my search.

9 Comments on “The world’s largest ballplayer, 1908”

  1. Bet a 1/2 swing would send it out of the park. 😉

  2. verdun2 says:

    At least we know he bats left-handed. Geez, even I’m not that big.

  3. Dominic says:

    I hope someone gets to read this due to it taking 6 years for information to surface but his name is George Hackett and this comes from emporium locals.

  4. Richard Olivett says:

    Patty Hackett is his real name I live in emporium pa

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