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Now obviously, in peacetime a one-legged catcher, like a one-armed outfielder (such as the Mundys had roaming right), would have been at the most a curiosity somewhere down in the dingiest town in the minors – precisely where Hot had played during the many years that the nations of the world lived in harmony. But it is one of life’s grisly ironies that what is catastrophe for most of mankind, invariably works to the advantage of a few who live on the fringes of the human community. On the other hand, it is a grisly irony to live on the fringes of the human community.

~Philip Roth, The Great American Novel

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Wikimedia Commons

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  1. this happens often to me, but that’s one book i can never finish; maybe from short attention span or being a bad reader or rationing great things for an unknown future when I need a spark or maybe all of the above.

    1. I am in the middle of it right now, and I’m enjoying it so far. There are moments when I find myself glazing over parts, but I go back and review, and it’s interesting the second time. Maybe that’s telling?

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