Rain, rain, don’t go away

The college baseball teams of Louisiana-Lafayette and Louisiana-Monroe found themselves in the midst of a rain delay on Friday, but they didn’t let the weather get them down.  Instead, they opted to pass the time by engaging in what appears to have been an intense game of rock, paper, scissors.  Louisiana-Lafayette won that contest, though you would think someone had smashed a walk-off home run the way they celebrated.

When that competition did not pass enough time, they moved on to something even more exciting: a dance-off.

Now there’s some rain delay entertainment!

2 Comments on “Rain, rain, don’t go away”

  1. LMAO! In Montreal my fondest memory was not a rain delay, but a snow delay. (This was at the old Jarry Park) While the crew was shoveling snow off the field, the Expos and the San Fran Giants got into a snowball fight. Mack Jones lobbed a snowball into the Giants dugout and mayhem ensued. I have no idea who won the fight or the game, but really, who cares, it was too much fun. 🙂

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