How to handle getting hit by a pitch

Here’s a cool little video from a Pac-12 baseball game this past May.  When Washington State pitcher Layne Bruner hit Arizona State outfielder Johnny Sewald with a pitch, Sewald caught the ball between his body and his arm.  Sewald then proceeded to casually toss the ball back to Bruner before taking off for first base.  Perhaps the most amusing part of this feat, however, is the reaction of the broadcaster.

2 thoughts on “How to handle getting hit by a pitch

  1. The broadcaster was great: “This could be one of the greatest things I’ve seen on a baseball field!” … That’s a heckuva tribute. Maybe just a dash of hyperbole. 🙂 But still … that was pretty awesome (and probably less painful than getting swacked right in the ribs with a fastball).

    1. It did seem a bit over the top, though maybe it’s the best thing he’s ever seen in person? It was a pretty cool trick, so not hard to see how one might get so excited about it 🙂

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