Electric baseball reproducer

In Eric Rolfe Greenberg’s novel The Celebrant, Jackie Kapp mentions hanging out on the streets to track New York Giants games on boards designed to allow fans to follow the action.  I wondered what this kind of board would look like.  I had a picture formed in my head, but then I found this photo the other day that blows that picture out of the water.  This is a photo of a “baseball game reproducer” board on the streets of Washington in October 1912, operating during the World Series between New York and Boston.  I have to say, if I was living during that time period, with no radio and no TV, I could live with this option for tracking a game.  It’s like an early twentieth-century version of MLB.com Gameday.


10 thoughts on “Electric baseball reproducer

    1. We need this kind of thing out on the streets today. You know, something just to glance at as you’re strolling downtown of whatever city. Though, I guess that’s what we use iPhones for now.

  1. I had seen this sometime over the last year and loved it. Great find! I also wonder if they had a donkey to signify Ty Cobb whenever the Tigers were in the Series!

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