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  1. I love this quote … especially that it’s anonymous and no one anywhere seems to know who said it first. A quote about baseball statistics … where every player has a name and a number that can be fine-tuned to a decimal point, where everything is written down and carefully tallied … came from someone, but no one knows who. I love it!

    1. I love it, too, for all the same reasons. Baseball is so stats-driven (really, all sports are getting to be that way, but especially this one). Just by reading a box score, you can figure out what happened over the course of a game. When I took Baseball Literature last semester, one of the things we did in class was to recreate a scorecard just by reading the box scores. It was a fascinating project.

  2. I remember scorebooks like the one pictured. One of the great things about baseball is the ability to score a game in either a book like this or a scorecard.

    1. I’ve always enjoyed keeping score. When I was a kid and listening to Royals games late at night in secret on the radio, I would create a scorecard just on a piece of notebook paper to follow along. It’s such a great way to stay engaged and keep on top of everything that’s going on.

  3. why can’t learning a language with all its irregulars and rules be as relaxing and regular as keeping score at a baseball game. some even use multiple colors so it serves as a therapeutic coloring book exercise as well.

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