“If School Were More Like Baseball,” by Ken Nesbitt

I can get behind the message of this poem.  I wonder what the chances are of applying this idea at work?


If school were more like baseball
we’d only have to play.
We’d hang out in the sunshine
and run around all day.

We wouldn’t have to study.
We’d practice and we’d train.
And, best of all, they’d cancel
whenever there was rain.

6 Comments on ““If School Were More Like Baseball,” by Ken Nesbitt”

  1. mrbill7474 says:

    Only two verses? If this poem were more like school, it would go on forever! 🙂

  2. That is awesome. I won’t show my teenage son though. This is already his mindset lol. 🙂

  3. Steve Myers says:

    ichiro might remind students that baseball is not fun. it is discipline.

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