“Night Game,” by Paul Simon

This has to be the most depressing baseball song I’ve ever heard, and I find it simultaneously fascinating.  The idea of a pitcher dying on the mound is shocking and frightening, and he sings about it so calmly.  Surely this must be a metaphor for something, though I cannot figure out what.

3 thoughts on ““Night Game,” by Paul Simon

  1. i get the feeling this death of a pitcher is a symbol for ends….ends of seasons, ends of romance, ends, ends, ends, that tarpaulin over the winter frost another ends and yet as i hear it now for the first time, i can see smoke soaring up from chimneys. It gets me in the mood to escape into baseball’s past.

      1. You’re welcome. I had never heard the song before. Now I am listening to it again and thanks to you, examining the lyrics. I was thinking some more about it on the way to work this morning and pitching is everything, right? So without it, the team’s fortunes die too. Maybe that’s what is meant by the pitcher dyeing……? It’s the team dyeing….it’s everything dyeing….like a damn shoulder surgery to the ace in the middle of May when the season is going so well….ughhh. I hate those.

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