“Offseason Blues,” by Steve Pellikaan

I think this poem, published in 2003, speaks for itself.  Just 59 days until pitchers and catchers report!


It’s cold outside. The wind is harsh.
There’s snow upon the ground.
You put on your coat, your gloves, your hat,
And go toss the football around.

It’s just not the same, though. The session is brief.
In no time, you’ve gone back inside.
You turn on the TV, or get on the net,
In search of any news they can provide.

You look at the calendar and shake your head.
The time is surely not short.
You count up the months, the days, the hours,
Until pitchers and catchers report.

You dream of Spring with the grass so green,
And the temperature on the rise,
When the fortunate few get together again,
To seek that ultimate prize.

The holidays come and go. Your family takes pride,
In the dinners over which they strove.
While the turkey is cooking, a smile hits your face.
You’re reminded of another “hot stove”.

The talk of free agents and trades being made
Gives you hope for the upcoming year.
You dream of the slugger, the pitcher, the coach
That this year you’ll get to cheer.

So, during this winter, when you’re thinking of baseball,
And it makes you want to groan.
Cheer up. Fans like us can take solace
In knowing we aren’t alone.

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