“Baseball Bill,” Echo & The Bunnymen

I confess, the lyrics to this tune are pretty trippy, though I suppose that’s to be expected, coming from a group called Echo & The Bunnymen.  Nevertheless, I really like it!  There’s something very catchy about the song that makes it just stick with you.

2 thoughts on ““Baseball Bill,” Echo & The Bunnymen

  1. I’m tipping my age, but I saw them in concert back in the day. I’m pretty sure they had no idea what “baseball” was and just thought it was a good alliterration with Bill which would explain why the lyrics are sort of all over the place. (That was par for the course with them …)

    Or … and this is only a guess … I wonder if “Baseball Bill” was inspired by the Baseball Furies in the movie The Warriors … which was sort of the same era and would have been a movie Ian McCulloch had probably seen. Then it kinda-sorta fits.

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