Kansas Jayhawks destroyed by Texas Tech

I attended my second-ever Kansas Jayhawks baseball game this afternoon. Coincidentally, in both games I’ve now attended, Kansas played the Texas Tech Red Raiders. And, perhaps not so coincidentally, the Jayhawks lost both times.

4.2.2022 Kansas vs Texas Tech

Today’s game was honestly pretty terrible. Nothing went right for the Jayhawks. They had no pitching. The defense was mediocre at best. And their offense was no-hit through the first five innings.

4.2.2022 Kansas vs Texas Tech, 6th inning

KU finally scored their first run in the sixth inning, but Texas Tech had already scored 19 by that point, and there was no digging themselves out of the hole. Final score? 28-2.

4.2.2022 Kansas vs Texas Tech final

Nevertheless, it was nice to attend a baseball game again. My arms are sunburnt because it didn’t occur to me to wear sunblock, but that’ll eventually fade into a nice little farmer’s tan. It may be time to invest in a KU ballcap, because I’m seriously thinking I should attend more of these games. The tickets are cheap, the seating is good, and there’s just something wonderful about seeing a ballgame live and in person.

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