Today is my birthday: September 9th. 9/9. Oh, yeah — and I was born at 9:50 in the morning.

When an employee at the local running store measured my feet a couple years ago, he informed me that my left foot is size 9.5, and my right foot is size 9. (Don’t laugh, I’ve heard that having differently-sized feet is more common than you would think.)

It seems that the number nine is a big part of my life.

The number nine is a big part of baseball, too.

A team is made up of nine players — there are nine defensive positions and there are nine spots in a batting lineup. In fact, in the early days of the game, a team would often be referred to as a “baseball nine.”

A game consists of nine innings. An immaculate inning is comprised of nine thrown strikes. A baseball is nine inches in circumference.

Scott Flansburg, a.k.a. The Human Calculator, takes the exploration of the number nine in baseball, and in other parts of life, even further in this video:

A bit unrelated, this blog is currently over nine years strong. It’s been a fun run thus far, and I’m excited to continue it!

8 thoughts on “Nines

  1. You share something with HOF Yankee and great Reds announcer, Waite Hoyt, who was born on 9/9/1899!

    I remember when MLB used to be a game of nine vs nine…….. I still do not see the logic of the DH.

    1. This is so cool! Thank you for mentioning that, I had no idea. It makes me wonder how many other ballplayers I share a birthday with. Might be something to research one of these days.

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