Infographic: MLB ticket prices by day of the week

I had considered treating myself to the Royals-Twins game this past Saturday — at least, up until I checked to see the price of tickets for that night’s game.  The chart below demonstrates my decision to stay in, rather than drive out to the ballpark.  By the time you factor in parking and food, a fan ends up relinquishing a good part of their paycheck to attend a Saturday ballgame.

This chart was actually created in 2010, but I’m sure we can all agree it’s still a pretty accurate depiction of trends in ticket prices today.


Chad Burgress (

Infographic: Hot Dog Fun Facts

One of my personal favorite things about going to the ballpark is getting myself a hot dog.  I enjoy hot dogs in general (never mind the horror stories we all hear about them), but something about the atmosphere of a Major League stadium makes them taste that much better.


Infographic: Baseball At the Movies

If you decide you want to watch your view through the different eras of baseball via the movies, here’s a handy guide to help you out.  The image is a bit small here, but you can click on it for a bigger look.


Infographic: The history of betting

This infographic is not entirely baseball-specific, but still very relevant.  I knew that betting on sports has been around awhile, but it still has existed far longer than I ever imagined.  The development of television, internet, and other forms of media obviously revolutionized betting.  There is no longer a need to actually be present at a sporting event — we can place our bets from afar.

history of betting

Infographic: Joe’s 56-Game Hit Streak

This infographic helps to put Joe DiMaggio’s 1941 56-game hit streak in a bit of perspective.  Not surprisingly, most of these games, DiMaggio continued his streak with a single hit.  Still, in a sport where failing 2/3 of the time still means you are a success, one hit is a major contribution.  During this streak, DiMaggio blew the 33% success rate out of the water.  The statistic that struck me the most, however, was the fact that he struck out a mere five times in these fifty-six games.  Talk about being on fire!

dimaggio hit streak

Infographic: Most Obsessed Baseball Fans

Here’s a graphic that takes a crack at ranking the fans of the various MLB fans.  I suppose it’s not a surprise to see the fans of teams like the Red Sox and the Cubs on this list — for the most part, the list seems largely accurate.  I do wonder, however, about the inclusion of ranking Dining Out and Entertainment.  Sure, they’re related to baseball in some ways, but there are so many ways to dine out besides grabbing a dog at the ballpark.  Perhaps the idea is to show that some fans have other priorities besides spending money on their teams.


Infographic: Opening Day Winners

It’s practically here — can you feel it?  This infographic is from 2011, so these numbers won’t be entirely accurate, though Bob Feller does still have the only Opening Day no-hitter.