Infographic: Comparing Hot Dog and Beer Prices at Baseball Parks

This graphic from Webstaurantstore was created in 2011 and is based on prices from 2010 and 2011.  I doubt any of these prices have dropped in the last several years, and even back then, the “cheapest” beers and dogs were a bit pricey.

comparing-hot-dog-and-beer-prices-at-baseball-parks infographic

5 Comments on “Infographic: Comparing Hot Dog and Beer Prices at Baseball Parks”

  1. verdun2 says:

    Looks like I’m about to become a Reds fan.

  2. Some of these prices aren’t all that bad. I pay more for a beer and a hot dog at a minor league game. Namely, the Sacramento River Cats. :/

    • Interesting that they’d charge so much for minor leagues (though I guess the River Cats are at the more popular end of MiLB). I understand what you mean, though I look at these prices and can’t help but think, “I can get a whole package of dogs and a six pack for some of these prices.”

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