Infographic: Highest-Priced Hot Dogs in MLB

I’ve posted infographics here about hot dogs previously: here and here, for example. The one from Statista below is probably the most up-to-date that I’ve managed to come across, depicting the teams with the highest-priced ballpark dogs as of 2019, juxtaposed with some of the cheapest hot dog prices.

The thought of dropping $7 on a hot dog is pretty mind-blowing to me. At that point, is seems like it’d be worth the extra hassle to just cook a couple dogs at home and find a way to smuggle them in.

MLB Highest Priced Hot Dogs - statista

4 Comments on “Infographic: Highest-Priced Hot Dogs in MLB”

  1. verdun2 says:

    What is it, 90 miles from DC to Baltimore? $5.50 difference? Yikes.

  2. Anything below 3.50 is shocking. I’ve paid more than that at a handful of AAA stadiums and even lower A ballparks.

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