Infographic: MLB and Young Fans

It’s no secret that the fan base for MLB is getting older. Fewer people are attending games in person or even watching them on television, and many in the younger generations have other interests to capture their attention. I like how this graphic depicts many of the reasons for the dwindling interest: the high costs of attending games and the difficulty of accessing a broadcast on TV, for example. This infographic was created by the Masters in Athletic Administration program at Ohio University.

mlb-and-young-fans-infographic ohio university

4 thoughts on “Infographic: MLB and Young Fans

  1. Strange to me since it’s so easy to get the MLB app and so cheap to get a package and doesn’t every kid have a cell phone anyway or a tablet or whatever’s required to watch games? I guess video games are winning loyalty or maybe it’s movies and netflix series or probably all of the above. I don’t know. But now they’re threatening us with the deadened ball. If so, can we hook kids on Eric Hosmer bunting for a base hit?

    1. I’ve read so many times that many folks have opted for more “exciting” sports, i.e. football, basketball, etc. I have heard the video game argument, as well. In my experience in the KC area, no one really cares about the Royals, except for the 2014/2015 seasons when they actually made it to the Series. Fair weather fans, all of ’em.

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